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I started out, like many others, as a financially, struggling mother of three beautiful children, trying to make it on my own. During this process of transitioning, my worries became obsolete and gave me permission to step into my greatness! I asked myself, "How do I turn my struggles, into success?" and in time, Lisa's Gift Creations  was born! 

Lisa's Gift Creations is committed to honoring the power to push past pain, overcome obstacles, break out of confinement, and feel good by denouncing every generational curse, hendering relationships, spirit of distress and depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, sadness, weariness, and sickness through the power of a flower!

Getting enough light can impact our health in surprising ways. In fact, many doctors recommend using a night light as a preventive measure for children and older adults. It can replace medication or be a treatment for people with seasonal and nonseasonal depression, bipolar depression, insomnia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),  motor function due to Parkinson’s disease, dementia and depression during pregnancy. Many children and parents derive a sense of security from their use.

Our elegantly hand-made LED products are made of velvet or soft curled roses, stuffed animals, acrylic teddy bears, or birds in a nest. The candle holders, vases, and mirrors are shined to perfection. It sits on a hand crafted, glossy base, with ribbon. No plugs are needed. It runs on a battery that is included. Colors will become more defined as the room darkens for years of stunning beauty in your home, holiday, or special event.  Best of all, delivery is FREE and each order comes with a special message inside just for you!

We are the alternative to overpriced flower delivery, the alternative to hidden fees and silly upsells, and it lasts forever. Because of YOU, Lisa's Gift Creations continues to grow and expand–enabling everyone across the nation to enjoy life more abundantly, manifest inner greatness, have strength, and know that we are all conquerors!

This year, we encourage you to purchase from a selection of our available  products, of which a percentage of sales will go directly to cancer organizations to support its important work in the areas of breast cancer research, awareness, and patient services. Please visit , and  for more information on what you can do to help.

Enjoy the illuminatingly peaceful experience that is... Lisa's Gift Creations!